Ryan Gosling Thinks Disneyland is Romantic?

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Us Magazine has pictures of Ryan Gosling taking his current co-star and possible new girlfriend Eva Mendes to Disneyland for a date. Apparently they were together on Saturday and seemed very comfortable together.

Can I tell you something? I think Ryan Gosling is a complete dream. He is a great actor, surprisingly low-key, and actually seems somewhat humble compared to his obnoxious contemporaries. Best of all I ran into him at a karaoke bar in NYC a few years ago. So he is pretty much perfection. But…I would have a real problem being taken on a date to Disneyland. Total deal breaker.

And the sexy twosome did Disneyland right — riding the Toy Story ride, the California Screamin’ rollercoaster, a Little Mermaid adventure and the ferris wheel, snacking on churros, cotton candy and corn on the cob. “She fed him,” the onlooker says.

Snacking on churros and corn on the cob? That sounds like a nightmare. What is sexy about gnawing on a cob of corn in front of a guy you want to share a potential future? Have you had a churro?

First of all I would want to look cute on my date. I’d want to wear heels to make my legs look skinnier. Maybe a dress to offset my pear shaped body. I’d definitely like to put on some makeup and carry a purse. What are you supposed to wear to an amusement park? A pair of comfortable walking shoes? Nothing says romance like white sneakers, ample sunscreen, and a rain parka.

I just spent an afternoon getting my hair blown out and now you want to take me on a log roll ride?

I would want to ask you about your past relationships or discuss my hopes for making out with you later. Makes it hard to do so when we are wedged in a ride line between a family of five from Nebraska and a middle aged man wearing a fanny pack and Mickey Mouse ears.

Disneyland smells like sticky trash.

I get it. You want to seem like a man of the people. You want to seem low maintenance and spontaneous. But a girl wants to be taken on a real date. You have money and connections. Take her to dinner or to the Oscars. It will pay off, seriously.

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